Welcome to the world of Xortron 5000 Ultimax Superbeast, Eric and Ryan's video game development site. We started out writing a 3d space shooter for the XNA Dream Build Play competition.

While we did get a basic game out the door, starting off with a 3d game was a little too much to start off with, so we've taken a step back and we're writing a 2d game library with a rock solid rigid body physics engine along with animation, controller, and music libraries. We'll write
tutorials as we go and share what we've learned. We hope you find our tutorials useful! We'll also post videos of our most recent work on YouTube so you can keep up to date with our work. Whenever we produce some sweet graphics, we'll turn it into wallpaper you can download and whenever we make awesome music and/or sound effects we'll post them for your listening pleasure.

If we mention a part of the game you're interested in learning about, leave us feedback in the tutorials section and we'll try to keep up with your requests.